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surf popoyo 

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Surf is at 5 min walking distance


Best surf breaks in Nicaragua

Sleep at The Barrel and be less than 7 minutes walk to the surf break.

The Barrel Hotel is located on the Pacific coast, in the village of Guasacate. Right in front of Popoyo beach, we are really close to 3 good surf breaks :

  • Popoyo surf break

  • Outer Reef surf break

  • Beginner's Bay - in front of Magnific Rock.

There are all kinds of waves from beginners to pro riders. You will have good surf for sure!

Best hostel to surf Popoyo surf break

Popoyo is one of the best place to surf in Nicaragua. With off shore winds & heavy swell, Popoyo surf spot is constant and offers perfect surfing conditions.

Surf lessons are offered for beginners. 

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