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Eat, surf, sleep & more :)


best location for surfing popoyo

The Barrel Hotel is located on the Pacific coast, in the village of Guasacate. Right in front of Popoyo beach, we are really close to 3 good surf breaks : Popoyo surf break​, Beginner's Bay - in front of Magnific Rock and for the pro-riders there is Outer Reef surf break.

There are waves for every type of surfers.



yoga & training on the beach


We offer a place to exercice on the site of the hotel. It's possible to walk 7 minutes to get to Magnific Rock for M Yoga classes at 9am every day. We are also open to do class of Yoga onsite.

Perfect spot to relax and feel active at the same time!


private beach & best sunset in popoyo

Yes the tiny Nicaraguan surf town of Popoyo Beach isn’t so develop and that's waht makes it special! When you will see the most beautiful sunset of your life on Popoyo Beach, you will probably fall in love with the place.. that's what happen with us.


best happy hours in guasacate

We know that you are on vacation and that you want to take your time and enjoy every moment here on Popoyo beach. That's why we offer you to have a cerveza when you want, if that makes you relax, why not! Our happy hours starts at 12 pm and ends at 7 pm.

We also offer not expensive Mexican or Nicaraguan dishes.  We are pretty much well located to have good seafoods like ceviches and grilled fish (like delicious snapper).


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